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Quality Policy

The essence of quality management in Dost Fındık depends on customer satisfaction, quality and food safety, environmental policy, safety and health at workplace and work ethics. The quality control management criterias of ; ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 22000 Food Safety, BRC and IFS standards are adopted by the company and became a crucial part of the corporate identity and policy.

The Quality Policy in Dost Findik are implemented successfully in each and every step of the process; starting with the procurement of the raw material and ending with delivery of the product to the consumer. As required by the Purchasing Procedures; natural hazelnuts undergo series of physical, chemical analysis and toxicity tests in labs and only approved raw materials are processed in production.

Quality management procedures are performed in every stage of the production; both with control checkpoints along the line and the final product before packaging. Random samples undergo physical, chemical, micro biological analysis and aflatoxine tests. During the manufacturing process; data from the lab is in constant contact with the production department to prevent probable fluctuations. When the final results are announced, shipping is approved and witness samples are stored from every batch of product. Packaging materials which are in direct contact with the product; are purchased if only proper migration tests and production permits are present. After packaging, all the documentation is gathered with the test results received from the Dost Findik Laboratory which makes the final sale.

Dost Findik abides by the rules and policies of General Hygiene and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practises) without any compromise to implement hygienic and healthy conditions for production. For this purpose; all the necessary procedures are performed. Hygiene & purification trainings, controls and medical examinations of employees are to be performed periodically. The raw material area and finished product area are detached from each other. And special walls, pavements and platforms are designed to eliminate any possible cross contamination. The access to the production area is well equipped with sanitation stations to ensure hygiene and safety in the facility. The storage areas are also specially designed to hold naturel hazelnuts and packages in hygienic and healthy conditions.